Valley View Adventist Academy

Arroyo Grande | CA
Fine Arts
Fine Arts

Our K - 8 art program is built around techniques that help develop students' confidence with materials and grow their perceptual and media skills. Early lessons lay groundwork for those that follow and reinforce those that have come before. New and challenging applications follow the acquisition of basic skills.

The art curriculum at each grade level is organized around three main themes:

Creating Art
Looking at Creation
Growing closer to our Creator

Aspects of these themes are developed within each year and across each successive year of the program. Within each year, students create in two and three dimensions and study:

  • drawing
  • painting
  • printmaking
  • sculpture
  • graphics
  • design
  • architecture
  • textiles
  • collage
  • ceramics
  • crafts

Artistic achievements of women and ethnic groups, past and present, are represented.



Valley View's music curriculum meets state and national standards for students by following the basic philosophies of Kodaly and Orff. A solid grasp of music theory and notation is developed through written and verbal skills and expressed by solfege, stick notation and rhythm solmization.

Students also explore their individual abilities by engaging in rudimentary forms of music using basic rhythms and melodies. This approach encourages improvisation and composition to provide for creative enjoyment.

Valley View Voices & Concert Choir

The Winter and Spring Concerts are opportunities for students to showcase their musical talents and material learned. Our students also perform at various other venues throughout the school year. Music classes include a choral setting in preparation for such events so that students may understand the proper conduct of performance and vocal technique as well as apply the learned ear training and note reading.

Valley View Voices is for grades 1 - 6.

Grades 7 - 10 sing in the Concert Choir.